vivo V15 Pro – Fast Charging, High Quality Camera

Vivo has officially released the V15 Pro, an advanced phone that comes equipped with innovative software. The phone has been a hit in the market since it was first launched in the market back in April this year. This handset packs in cutting-edge technology that is sure to take the sales charts high. The Vivo V15 Pro comes with features like Quickoffice, MMS, Ticker, Document View, Gallery, Email etc… and so much more.

The key features of the video v15 pro are its camera and videos, which have won several awards across the globe. The entire device has been crafted to perfection using high quality parts and it comes with a clean interface that does not allow for any problems with the connectivity. The Vogue Camera is one of the most unique camera phones available in the market today and comes loaded with several innovative features that also ensure excellent picture quality.

The main selling point of this smartphone is vivo v15 pro the high end cameras, it comes equipped with, namely, a rear and front facing camera as well as a facial recognition facility to help you instantly recognize your own face in front of the lens. For those who would want to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature while still being able to capture their moments in the clearest way possible, then the vivo v15 pro is the perfect choice. You can also upload high resolution videos onto YouTube for others to view and enjoy.

Other key features of the video v15 to include a high definition camera lens, a super AMOLED Plus display with brightness of over million colours, a heart beat monitor, a built-in Noise Filter, a double headphone jack, a micro SD card, and a large 1GB memory which can be expanded using an internal memory card or MMC card. There are also two SIM cards which support U.S. and European networks and help in connectivity. A fingerprint scanner, a USB charging port, a Bluetooth 2.1 interface, and a large 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen make this handset very appealing to consumers who are looking for high performance at an affordable price. The Otterbox defender case included with the handset protects the screen from accidental bumps and scrapes whilst the dual-lane power saving mode keeps the battery in the best condition possible.

The vivo v15 who has an easy user interface which makes navigation simple and fast. The intuitive menu system allows you to access all the options on the screen at one time which is essential when you are taking high-quality pictures. It uses a single button to switch between the different cameras and modes. Apart from the camera, you have a very compact home keypad which performs basic functions such as dialing a number, switching the modes, locking or unlocking the door, controlling the volume and selecting the incoming call. The spacious home keypad is surrounded by a spacious backlit keyboard which can be modified according to your preferences. An easy to use volume control, dedicated incoming call button, and an integrated speaker make it very convenient to utilize the handset’s functions.

The HTC vivo v15 pro comes with a wealth of software which allows users to upload high quality pictures and videos, edit them, and share them on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can synchronize their email account and email folders on the go, which further increases their convenience. The HTC vivo v15 or is equipped with a very useful GPS technology that not only helps you in finding your way but also guides you through unfamiliar areas. The GPS functions incorporate Real Time Global Positioning System or RSS. With this facility, you can receive weather forecasts and plan future trips efficiently.